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A centre specialized in Rhinoplasty Nose job or Cosmetic Surgery of Nose

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Your Rhinoplasty Surgeon:
Dr. Prabhash
M.B.B.S., M.S., M. Ch. (Plastic Surgery) (Mumbai)
Consultant Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, Delhi, India.

Formerly at:
Grant Medical College & Sir J J Group Of Hospitals, Mumbai
G.T. Hopspital, Mumbai
St. George Hospital, Mumbai
Dr. RML Hospital , Delhi, India.

Specialized in Natural Rhinoplasty or nose surgery i.e. modification of original nose framework & creating natural beautiful nose without use of artificial implants like silicone, porous polyethylene etc.

Dr Prabhash, Rhinoplasty Surgeon, Delhi, India
Dr. Prabhash
Consultant Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Unique to Dr. Prabhash, is his ability to diagnose individual problem, both cosmetic and functional & designing Nose surgery individualized for specific problems rather than using same surgery in every case. Rhinoplasty or nose job surgery is tailored individually for every patient as per their problem and demand as well. With huge experience in Rhinoplasty he , himself has designed many nose surgery or Rhinoplasty procedures including vertical septum lengthening, longitudinal nose lengthening for short nose, breathing problems correction, cleft rhinoplasty & tip Rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty , Nose job or Nose surgery is one of the most common cosmetic surgery. Nose forms the most projected part of our face and so whenever one sees our face this is the part which attracts most attention followed by mobile parts like our eyes ( eyelids ) and lips and no wonder if cosmetic surgery of nose (Rhinoplasty or Nose job) is one of the commonest cosmetic surgery. When you talk first is eye to eye contact followed by eyes on nose and lips.

Nose provides our face individuality besides this, this is the structure which shows maximum racial variation and so is rhinoplasty surgery. Nose is different in Caucasians , Negroes , Orientals. In India , we have mixed population and here you will find almost every type of nose in India. So we design rhinoplasty or nose job individually for every patient considering their nose as well as other facial features.

A beautiful nose is perhaps the most desirable facial property in human race. Nose has been considered as symbol of individual pride in past and it was very common to punish people by cutting off their nose as nose is the most prominent part of our face.

Next, how to define a beautiful nose -is as difficult as defining life. What we consider is average beautiful nose and on an average a sharp symmetrical nose with good elevation sharp pointed tip is considered beautiful. Individual perception may vary. We have got patients who have asked for blunt tip rather than a sharp one.

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