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    A centre specialized in Rhinoplasty Nose job or Cosmetic Surgery of Nose

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    Dorsal Augmentation Rhinoplasty or Nose job, Nose Tip Augmentation in Delhi, India by Specialist Rhinoplasty Surgeon.

    Augmentation Rhinoplasty Surgery :

    Augmentation of Nose may be required for tip, for dorsum or both.

    Dorsum Augmentation Rhinoplasty : (Means augmentation of bridge of nose) needed in congenital depressed nose or post traumatic depression saddle noses or to match with elevated tip of nose.

    Rhinoplasty Augmentation Nose job

    Materials used for dorsum augmentation -

    1) Nasal Septal Cartilage (best option - but limited supply- we are seeing lack of septal cartilage in most of revision rhinoplasty cases coming to us. Septal cartilage was removed in previous surgery and wasted. Septal cartilage is the most valueble source of cartilage and should not be thrown away without any obvious reason.

    2) Choncal (Ear) cartilage -Next to best but very limited supply.

    3) Rib or Coastal cartilage - needs incision over chest wall , very prone to warping.

    4) Pelvic bone - good source with minimum morbidity.

    Calvarial Bone : Skull bone - outer table - best matches with facial bone and long lasting. patients usually dont accept incision over head due to fear of cranial complication, which is very uncommon.

    5) Bone graft from ulna - best avoided, risk benefit ratio not acceptable.

    Synthetic Materials : Silicone, medpore , goretex etc.- all are secondary choices.

    Tip Augmentation : ( Augmentation Tip-plasty or Tip rhinoplasty ): Tip augmentation is primarily done by manipulation of local cartilage there and very rarely any graft is required. Implants are best avoided in tip.

    Some short of tip plasty for narrowing and elevation or depression is required in all cases of rhinoplasty.

    Augmentation of both Dorsum & Tip : This is the most common situation.

    Rhinoplasty Augmentation Tip-plasty

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