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A centre specialized in Rhinoplasty Nose job or Cosmetic Surgery of Nose

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Close Rhinoplasty & Open Rhinoplasty or Nose jon Plastic Surgery Video by Dr. Prabhash, Delhi, India. Please Visit our main web page -

Rhinoplasty or Nose job Videos :
This section includes video demonstration of open & close rhinoplasty, difference in incisions and approach, exposure, use of these approaches for different noses.

Open Rhinoplasty : Open rhinoplasty approach is preferred when magnitude of tip work is high, more modification and volume shift is expected, fine work along septal cartilage upper border, caudal border and part of alar cartilage along columella is required. In fact, open rhinoplasty gives you full exposure and full fine control of every part and all rhinoplasty or nose job manipulations are under direct vision and control. This is the most preferred approach world wide.
In open rhinoplasty, all incisions are similar to close rhinoplasty surgery, with additional incision at columella (middle pillar of nostril) so that entire tip skin can be elevated as hood.
Most people use mid-columellar stair step incision for open approach, exposure is limited and it gives a new scar at middle, most prominent part of columella.
We dont use above mentioned incision, rather its, no better than close approach in our view.
We use columellar base incision, naturally there is a fold at junction between lip and nose and we enter nose through same fold, so dont create any new scar over there. this incision provides full exposure, easy accessibility to manipulate entire framework and doesn't leave unsightly scar in long term.


Rhinoplasty India Nose job Delhi - Video by Dr. Prabhash


Open Rhinoplasty Video showing infiltration, incision, exposure and framework manipulation. for osteotomy you may see close rhinoplasty video.


Close Rhinoplasty :Close Rhinoplasty approach involves all incisions inside nose and avoids external incision on columella. You may see in video below.
Different Incisions in Nose : Infra-cartilaginous Incision
Trans-cartilaginous incision
Inter-cartilaginous Incision
Infra-cartilaginous incision without transfixion
Infra-cartilaginous incision with partial transfixion
Infra-cartilaginous incision with full transfixion.

Closed Rhinoplasty Delhi Septoplasty India : Dr.Prabhash's Clinic, Nose job Plastic Surgery

Rhinoplasty Before After Video

Hump Reduction Rhinoplasty

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